Here is Suze’s base with 173 roses on it.  It has been fun.  Almost done with the roses and then I will decide what to add next.suzes-base-with-roses


I finished Ami’s block on the CQ round robin and finally started this one.  I decided to put climbing roses  going from the pot on the right up and around the columns.  It is barely started, but decided to post a photo since we haven’t had much eye candy yet.  Hope you like it so far Suze.suze-landscape-1st-photo

Touching base

My home internet has been on the fritz so I forgot to post Friday.  I have not gotten beyond the planning stages for Suze’s base, I am finishing Ami’s from the other round robin this week then will concentrate on this one.

Kim’s Base

It occured to me that Kim did not get a chance to take or post a photo of her base since it was hot off the sewing machine when she handed it to me at Retreat and that I should post one before I start embellishing! So…here it is:Kim's Landscape Base

Friday Check In – Suze

Have been looking at Kim’s base…and thinking about putting dogwood blossoms on the tree..have done several experiments with the blossoms..but the silk ribbon I have on hand seems too wide for proper scale on the tree – I need to get the next size smaller ribbon..and that means a trip to the only store in the area that carries silk ribbons – its near where my parents live..so one of these weekends when they are home too, I will go visit and drop by that store – not that I mind much visitng a quilt shop – LOL…I could order over the internet..but it gives me an excuse go to into the shop…and to see my parents!!

Just thought I would do my Friday check in. I have not finished my base yet as I have been meeting myself comming and going. I am planning on spending a bit of time this weekend to get more done at least the machine work and then will do more handwork next week.

Remember this round robin is a slower pace so all of you are welcome to take the time you need with this first round…………………I know Dee will need more time for sure…………I think Dee and I are in the same boat right now.

Please just check in and tell us what is up with you and what you are doing or planning on doing and remember that no progress for the week is also fine and if that is the case just say hi if nothing else.


Sample Picture of the Archway

Tuscan Landscape

Tuscan Landscape

Here is that sample Tuscan Landscape I was showing y’all at Retreat….there are more at http://muralsandfaux.blogspot.com/2008/06/tuscan-landscape-murals.html