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Now For Inspirations

I took this photo last summer at Capital Reef. It is a historical farm that had orchards and I just love the oompositon. The farm was right next to the campground where we stayed. What I like about this photo is the house in the background, the great barn wih lots of character, the fence, the awesome backdrop of red rock, the orchard in the background. I think for me this would be a good candidate for my piece.

I for sure will keep looking at other photos. I think the elements that I am going to choose is something with a great background like mountains, cliffs or other things, buildings, fences, roads or paths, and trees. These types of compositions leave themselves open to lots of creativity as for adding the details like flowers, animals, people, cars or carriages and so on. What do you think?


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I don’t know about the rest of you but the excitement grows as I see us beginning to start posting her and planning and plotting on the beginnings of our pieces. I wanted to give a few resources that I know are gonna be wornderful to help us find inspiration. Here are some blogs that I think are chalk full of great things to look at.




There are more sites out there and if you put them in comments I can add them here so we have a great permant link to these great sites.

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Seeing If I Post as Me…

Just created my WordPress account and want to see if it posts as me (casuzen) or landscapefriends…

Yahoo..preview shows it as me!

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Size for the pieces?

Kathi has brought up a really good point so I want to see if we can address this. What size is the best so that we et a nice space to work but not so big that it becomes too much work and time for a round?

Here are a few suggestions (leave your ideas in the comments for this post and then we can see if we are all on the same page).

I think picture size would be really nice so here are some choices……….calculate to square inches if you want a shape that is different…………….of course you can make your piece smaller but just not larger:

8 x 10  (80 square inches)

11x 14 (154 square inches)

16 x 20 (320 square inches)

other size (please specify)

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Me too

whowho, my first blog post.  I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing.


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I made it over here.

Well I got in with no trouble.  I am excited for this round robin.  I don’t know exactly when you were planning on starting the rounds, but I hope we can come up with some guidelines for sizes etc.. before too long, because I would like to make my base ahead of time.  I want to do something cool like Allie is working on in the allieinstitches blog.  I know it will take me awhile to manage it.  Kathi

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Ok Here We Are

Welcome to Landscape Round Robin. This is a place for our little group of friends to meet and share our work on the Lanscape Round Robin. Hopefully in the comming months there will be lots of great stories, photos and techniques shared as we create these little fiber art pieces together.

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