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Ami’s Finished Base

customer-quilts-2009-021Well I think I am the problem child of this round robin! Working a full time job has not really helped me find time to work on my base. They have told me that they hope to give me my partime schedule by the end of the month that I signed on for. I did spend yesterday finishing this base up and am pretty pleased with the little composition that I have created. It will be heading off to Kim tommorow along with the quilt I have quilted for her (I will post that on my personal blog tommorw as it is late tonight). I have included a little booklet with my piece with some ideas of what I would like on it. The only think I really really want is the row of trees that is in the photo and the drawing which will also accompany the piece. I think the trees need to be added as the first element and today on the phone with Kim we discussed this. I am really looking forward to seeing how this little piece will grow and change as each of the rest of you work on it.

Now that this is in the mail I can devote me time and energy to Dee’s little desert landscape!


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Dee’s Base

I thought I would post a photo of Dee’s base which I just got out of the box I brought it home in from the retreat. I have finally finished my own base which will be heading off to Kim tommorow so am now going to get cracking on Dee’s desert theme. First thing I want to do is begin to look at photos and get some ideas of what elements to add. There will be some cacti for sure along with at least one animal which might be a quail, roadrunner, rattlesnake or horned toad. I am going to do some research and determine which I can do best. I hope to have a new photo with some finished elements next week.

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